Bare Rooted Season

What is Bare Rooted?

Bare Rooted Trees are already grown trees in which have been uprooted from where they were grown. The soil is swept away from the roots hence the name “bare root.” Bare rooting can only be done with deciduous trees and dormant shrubs. Bare root trees are already 2 or more years developed when you receive them, therefore they do not take long to display results in your garden. Many People choose bare rooted trees over traditional because it works out to be cheaper and more efficient. Bare rooted season is a small 2-3 month window, however if organised correctly, this can save you time and money in creating the garden of your dreams!


All bare rooted trees are grown in a large space and then dug out by machinery. This process leaves roughly half of the root system behind but the entire canopy still remains.

When the trees get to Warrion, our experts prune back any damage or disease so the plants are healthy.

Furthermore, a soft tissue grows over the cut root, protecting it and allowing it to heal. This process makes for a new start for the roots allowing the tree to grow the best it can.

Advantages of Planting Bare Root

The Advantages of planting bare root trees include more root mass, efficient planting and over cost.

At Warrion Cottage, we offer a plethora of knowledge surrounding the bare root planting process, do not hesitate to talk to one of our professionals today!

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