How To Enhance Your Garden + Utilise Your Space

If you have a large garden or area in the home that is looking bare and sparse and you don’t know what to do with it then this is for you!

Often people become overwhelmed and stressed about what to do, what to plant and where to put their gardens. It is a stressful and time consuming job!

Here at Warrion Cottage, we have a plethora of products specifically designed to add density and variety to the garden.

Water Feature

A water feature adds density to the area of the garden you are placing it in. When using a water feature to enhance your garden, there are some factors that must be considered. The size of the water feature is important as you don’t want it to take over your whole garden bed. Think about the scale of your space and if you have room for a large water feature or perhaps a smaller bird bath. If you are planning to utilise water plants the location needs to be considered, as sunlight will become a factor.

Statement Pot

A statement pot is the perfect item to utilise a small scale garden. From a simple large tall cigar style pot to a large brimmed pot, both can assist in your garden. A cigar style pot is perfect for adding depth and density to a smaller scale garden, putting it close to a fence line or even at the front of driveway or home entry will add density to the garden and also variety in a pop of colour. A wide brimmed pot can add more space to the garden as it elevates the plants and allows for more to be planted beneath. This can also add depth and variety to the garden by adding different plants and colours to compliment it.

Wind Spinner

We offer a variety of wind spinners here at Warrion Cottage in all different shapes, sizes, finishes and colours. Wind spinners traditionally stand between 1-2m tall and have some form of object as the head that moves freely through the wind. A wind spinner can add feature to a garden as it can be placed in sparse or dense areas and add a feature for its colour and height. On top of this, kids love them! From a rust finish to a pop of colour, we stock a large quantity of wind spinners!

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